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CEMETERY (Archive Works)

Carlos Casas Archive works #04

A possible future of an eternal cemetery.

The exhibition project Pájaro piedra reveals a fascination for the construct of nature, understood from a constant negotiation position. We are living in a radical moment as a human species; our relationship with landscape and nature has changed in the Anthropocene era.

CEMETERY (ARCHIVE WORKS) presents part of the filmic sketch, notes and ideas that took Carlos Casas to produce his feature film Cemetery, where he highlights his interest for our imaginary in relation to nature and the idea of sanctuary.
Casas pushes the traditional cinematic experience to its limits in his visual investigation project, where he takes us to an insolit environment to meditate about a new vision of  Nature and our position in relation to it. Through the journey of an elephant with his mahout -the last guardians of the immemorial elephant graveyard- in an apocalyptic environment, Casas takes us into the jungle, where furtive hunters die in their expeditions, turning us in the only witnesses of the arrival to the Cemetery, to the other world.

Exhibition at Patricia Conde Gallery
Kino´s project curated by Andrea Celda in collaboration with Elisa Celda

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