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Domingo 1 de marzo de 2020, 18:00 h - 19:30 h / double session

Cine Tonalá

Perrolobo (Lycisca) by Gerard Ortín (Spain) + Verás animales sobre la lluvia byAlfredo Ruiz Arias (Mexico)



Perrolobo (Lycisca) depicts a fragmented route through the Karratza Valley; a bulldog breed contest, an automated milking machine, the sound of the conch with which a shepherd drives away the wolf or a tourist cave discovered during the exploitation of a quarry, are some of the elements that structure the film, where talking about domestication is as inappropriate as talking about purity or natural state.


Verás animales sobre la lluvia is a letter, a story, a conversation, the disappearance. The myth of invisible animals in the no too distant future. A free film that travels through different formats within a world on the edge of the abyss.

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