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Moving Still

(todavía se mueve, aún conmueve)


Moving Still is Kino’s first exhibition. The show presents the works by Catherine Abitbol (Colombia, 1976) and Elicia Epstein (USA, 1992).


Catherine Abitbol’s photographies portray different faces of Acapulco, a city already worn out by time and legends. These are analog memories of what was lived in the so-called Golden Age of Mexican cinema, printed in metallic paper. Nowadays, just a few things from that past remain, except everything: the hotels, the beaches, the shops, where the most important stars of the cinema wandered. They now decline beautifully, retaining the glamour of colors and rust. Resembling movie locations, these frames are scenery of better times, always located in the past. Thanks to the lens of Catherine Abitbol, a piece of this remains and becomes endless.


Elicia Epstein takes Kino’s patio and fills it with her particular steel bestiary. Ten creatures, ten explosions contained in an instant. Molded, raw and preciously, Elicia creates sometimes subtle sometimes aggressive movements. The sculptures will occupy different places of the patio during the exhibition; they will suffer the climate and they will transform and become memories of that space.


Two different sensibilities and techniques that fit and orbit in Moving Still, at this exact moment that becomes part of the memory at the precise moment it is captured. The six photographs of Catherine Abitbol are part of Fondo de Cristal series, which was presented as a solo exhibition in Licenciado in 2017. The ten sculptures by Elicia Epstein come from Casa Polígono, where they were exhibited in 2019 as part of the Galleries Route.

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