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Pájaro Piedra

Adrián Balseca, Anne Beentjes, Ernesto Solana

The deformation of the idea that we have of the present, due to the speed of the events that we experience today, paralyzes us and takes us away from the ability to overcome constant risk management. All this makes it a difficult task for us to project into the future and resolve the tensions between Nature, Politics and Culture.

‘Pájaro Piedra’ reflects on contemporaneity, on how we face our cultural, social or political environments. The project depicts a fascination for the construct of Nature, which we must understand from a position of constant negotiation. We are living a radical moment as a species; Our relationship with landscape and nature has changed in the Anthropocene era.

The artists presented in the exhibition explore the need to find new ways to relate to the natural crisis and to represent memory and the present, in a broad sense and from different artistic practices.

The exhibition dialogues with a film program at Cine Tonalá screening room and a show at the terrace; Q&A between artists and filmmakers will take place to open discussions and build strategies to survive the world to come.

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Cine Tonalá - Kino - Presentación especial - The Skin of Labour - Adrián Balseca Darío Acu
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