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kino at Swab Barcelona 2020

Alexandra Germán, César Ordóñez, Manolo Márquez, Jorge Rosano Gamboa

Adam Mickiewicz runs into his watery solitude of daily heat. He plays among its waves and finds himself in his element, with great pleasure. For the Polish poet, water becomes a way of portraying the feeling of finding and rediscovering oneself in an underwater space. Water enters the realm of art in many ways: filling empty pots, sneaking through canvas, or traveling its own random paths. We can find it in the three states: solid, liquid and gas. 

The water is as solid as the ice cube that contains Jorge Rosano's flowers, revealing, in its endless nature, the clear register of past images from an extinct world. It is as liquid as the waterscapes captured by César Ordóñez; places of calm, suspension and deep observation towards a horizon confused with the sky that reflects. And yet, it moves, as in the night walks across the beach filmed by Manolo H. Márquez; we join him along the coastal path, tracing the common way, the aim of any species. The water also spreads its breath in the heights, resting like the clouds in Alexandra Germán's meteorological study. From the sky, water is alone again, unfolding in huge shadows and ready to rush once more. 

In all of these scenarios, the water enters a constant metamorphosis, an eternal cycle: mirror, landscape, storm and figure. Water, like art, is the wild, the monster that does not wear a mask; deeply beautiful, clear and terrible because it removes the veil in silence and confronts us in the solitude of ourselves in front of the world we build. 

Carolina Estrada

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